Create Records

The concept is based on creating a Relationship from the Parent Table (Customer), using a global field, to the Child table (Contacts) primary key. I call the global field in the parent table zgCR_Nav

First clear the global

   Set Field [Customer::zG_CR_Nav ; “”]

Using the CR_Nav Relationship Set the CustomerID in the Contact Record. You will see that the Global gets the ID from the contact record.

   Set Field [Customer_Contacts|CR_Nav::CustomerID ; Customer::CustomerID]
   Commit Records/Request []
   Go To Field [Customer_Contacts|CustomerID::ContactName]
   Go To Portal Row [Last]
   Go To Field [Customer_Contacts|CustomerID::ContactName]

That’s the general idea. After the commit you can set any number of additional fields. Just end them with a commit.

The relationship you created for this function doubles as a very simple way to isolate a related record.
All you have to do is set zG_CR_Nav to the primary key of the related record and you have it isolated!

Demo DB